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Realix offers solutions to enhance safety and meeting expectations of targeted specific sectors in several industries where explosive environments are common, like Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Aerospace, Utilities, Public Safety. Internationally a large number of organizations, as part of their risk assessment, are responding to legislative changes, insurance requirements, occupational health and safety legislation to ensure ongoing safety of their staff.

These industries have started to use latest technology communication devices, throughout their work-sites including the hazardous areas. Intrinsically safe solutions in these key industries provide fully connected collaboration throughout all zones of their hazardous environment operations. With IS devices that operate as per standards and the latest industrial applications, clients rely on faster data capture/transfer and real-time communications.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry drives global economies, so ensuring operations continue without interruption is critical. When problems do occur, these industries are challenged to minimize the impact in advance of a real catastrophe. We provide real-time information, giving you visibility into potential problems.


Chemical manufacturing is one of the most challenging industrial environments. Combining volatile substances during the manufacturing process requires the highest level of safety, and these measures can cause inefficiencies in monitoring activities. With our solutions chemical manufacturing and operations can be equipped to provide visibility into production facilities, including both the mechanical operations as well as the activities of personnel operating the equipment. Manual processes can be automated, which improves efficiency, productivity and overall performance.


Pharmaceutical manufacturing is one of the most highly regulated industries with some of the most potentially hazardous environments in the global economy. The pharma industry presents unique circumstances that require a constant focus on personal safety in the production environment. With the highest standards for quality control in production, the pharma industry has hazardous environments similar to mechanically-driven industries. Our solutions improve communication that can be delayed or non-existent among pharma operations personnel, while also providing timely visibility and enhanced metrics for pharmaceutical production.

Public Safety

The public’s safety can present some of the most challenging hazards of all operations. From law enforcement to mission-critical ops to first responders, organizations that are in the business of protecting and serving the public can face unique obstacles in their work. Being able to communicate quickly and effectively is critical, and Radio communication meets those needs when there is not a second to lose. Our solutions are trusted by public safety organizations to connect first responders and other emergency personnel during times of disaster and everyday operations. Public safety professionals can safely communicate and quickly identify locations and status of team members reacting to unique needs in a crisis situation.


Utilities routinely face regulatory and compliance hurdles, aging infrastructure and other challenges while maintaining safety in daily environments. Providing real-time communication for utility workers in those environments will provide utility companies with new insights for improved performance. Our communication solutions allows onsite and field personnel to carry devices full of powerful apps that solve utilities challenges safely, even in explosive hazardous environments.