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Realix Experience

The Realix Experience; A brand isn’t worth it, if it doesn’t speak volume for itself.

Brand experience is usually conceptualized as sensations, feelings, cognitions and behavioral responses evoked by brand-related stimuli that are part of a brand's design, identity, packaging, communications, and environments. It is commonly believed that vision, hearing and touch are entirely separate ‘perceptual modules’, each operating independently to provide us with unique information about the external world and thus play an important role in shaping the brand experience.

However, at Realix, we believe that “Engagement’ both qualitative as well as quantitative is the fundamental concept in the effort to understand and describe Realix Experience which essentially is the nature of our relationship with rest of the world. Our strong and authentic values, with clear evidence of trust and fairness based on mutual respect, where two-way promises and commitments are understood and fulfilled are at the core of “Realix valuing People and People Valuing Realix”.

“Realix Valuing People and People Valuing Realix” - is about positive attitudes and behaviours in a way that they trigger and reinforce one another leading to improved business outcomes. We strive perpetually to secure our actions consistently to our values thus drawing out deeper commitments from all the stake holders. It is either promises kept or an explanation why they cannot be kept.

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Realix is more of a thought process where we have organized our business based on a promise and a purpose to serve our customers throughout all the aspects of their journey with our products and services. We understand it’s that all-important first impression that lasts in their minds but we are more keen on how we would like our customers to describe their experience after they have finished using Realix products and services.

We would like to be perceived as an essence of our story, The Realix Story, with a unique value proposition for our customers consistently and in original.

Realix Valuing People
            | People Valuing Realix


Create innovative solutions & be a leader in integrated communication solutions for the connected world; which deliver increased efficiency, reliability and safety.


We are committed to lead the IS industry by bring in the fresh perspective in design and engineering. We believe in creating a holistic solutions for demanding working environments.


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