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About Us

About Realix

Realix UK Ltd is a young and innovative company specialized in design and manufacturing of high performance communication devices. We are a leading manufacturer of intrinsically safe Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Radios. We strive for customer satisfaction while adhering to internationally defined safety standards. Safety, Performance, Reliability, and Product Documentation are the basic principles of product quality. Communication solutions are an important business tool for all the organisations; in many mission-critical cases these solutions stands as the only source for collaboration.

Our expertise in creating aesthetically designed equipment integrated with top of the class electronic components sets us apart. We are recognized in the industry by our ability to assist customers by providing niche services and customized solution to provide best possible ROI for the organisations. Specialised communication devices use a variety of methods to meet internationally designed and recognized safety standards one of these methods is helps in achieving intrinsic safety. Intrinsic safe communications devices is the key for remaining safe and connected while getting job done in Hazardous environments. Our solutions are designed to streamline workflows by saving clicks, saving time and saving lives.

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Create innovative solutions & be a leader in integrated communication solutions for the connected world; which deliver increased efficiency, reliability and safety.


We are committed to lead the IS industry by bring in the fresh perspective in design and engineering. We believe in creating a holistic solutions for demanding working environments.


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